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The fastest and most cost effective contract engagement process.

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MARCH - News of 6prog - Issue #16

At 6prog we want to make contracting less expensive for everyone. This means we don’t put a percentage of your money into marketing and advertising. Instead we rely upon word of mouth. If you want to help it’s really simple… invite 6 people to 6prog who would…


February News of 6prog - Issue #15

Much of this blog was written using GPT-2. What do you think?If you would like to contribute a human blog (as Lee Lam and Frank Ray has done above) please - email


News of 6prog - Issue #14

"Yeah - really good break thanks"I think this is how most of our conversations are starting this week. I stopped working around early December. Just going to COP26 and returning was such a mammoth affair it was emotionally enlivening albeit incredibly depress…


News of 6prog - Issue #13

In our consistent approach to act ethically we have signed up to the Ethical Move. Take a look.


News of 6prog [the 2nd half of the year starts now] - Issue #12

It's all about the money. Or is it? Rates are increasing alongside perm salaries, the contract market is more buoyant than ever. There are some easy swaps you can make though. Checkout to see if you can lower the cost of w…


News of 6prog - It's all about efficiency - Issue #11

The homepage and profiles have been the next part to get an update. The addition of tagging skills will be great for the next phase to be revealed asap.We are listening and following in slack so please feel free to use the forum for feedback!Pad is also getti…


News of 6prog - summer is here 🌦 Issue #10

Running with the hashtag #thisisus Dash is documenting the journey into opensource talent.


News of 6prog - #9 🧐

Hybrid work, future of work, well yes, it's all nonsense of course. However, much is written about it. Below are my favorites. "What do the people want?"... well no one really cares so long as the share prices rise. 🤨I'm personally still interested in ensurin…


News of 6prog - 6 coach tickets please 🚌

Do you have questions about how 6prog might help? Just ask the founder for a chat by clicking here


News of 6prog - Issue #7 😊

😊 Is it summer yet? 😊With lots of bank holidays and a short contract I've been working on I haven't saved as much for this issue as normal. [That could be a good thing - ed]!Here's short edition 7. Please share with anyone who mentions IR35/expensive consult…


News of 6prog - Issue #6prog [obvs] - the sharing edition

Why is this called the sharing edition?We have re-coded our POSTS [noticeboard for jobs] and BLOG [showing off about your business] pages. At the bottom of each article there are share buttons like the ones below. I know each of you are as passionate as I am …


News of 6prog - Early May - Confession!

I was recently introduced to Digital Boost and quite enjoy the set up. It's a bit like lunchclub I suppose but the meetings have an agenda and there is a helper and a helpee(?)


News of 6prog - Issue #4

Try these steps to get started:😀 Send a connection request to a co-consultant, a client or any 6prog colleagues😀 Check the community for any businesses that you could help or need help from.😀 Create an awesome profile and add it to Linkedin... start in Pad.


News of 6prog - Issue [mid April]

Happy to discuss this important point in more detail. I'll add the meetings rooms password & my personal booking link at the end.Onto more exciting news:


News of 6prog - April

Here is news from 6prog with interesting guides and work related stuff.


Weekly newsletter of 6prog - Issue #1

6prog is putting the budget into the worker not the process so it would be great if you could tell someone - most people like the idea ;-)