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By AndyAt6prog

February News of 6prog - Issue #15



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News of 6prog
February News of 6prog - Issue #15
By AndyAt6prog • Issue #15 • View online
Why is Open Talent (freelancing) the future of work?
1. What is Open Talent?
Open Talent is the concept of an organisation that matches freelancers to companies who need their expertise. The company is an online marketplace for freelancers and companies to connect, and it’s a way for open-minded companies to get access to the best and the brightest talent.
For companies, this is a way to connect with freelancers who may not be accessible through traditional channels. It removes the barriers that exist in the industry and enables companies to get the talent they need at a price they deserve.
2. Why do we need Open Talent?
We live in an era when it is said that the average person changes jobs 11 times in their career. This is because people are constantly seeking new challenges, new environments, and new experiences. However, this also means that the average person will have 11 different job experiences, each one with its own values, behaviours, and norms.
This is where Open Talent comes in - Launching the 6prog Open Talent platform is part of our efforts to facilitate the transition to a more open, and inclusive business model.
3. How does Open Talent work?
What is open talent?
Open talent is a distributive autonomous organization. It enables the development of managed talent pools and the management of talent in a distributed and autonomous way.
This article will explain how Open Talent works and how it will make your life easier.
4. The benefits to Open Talent
Companies have been struggling with how to enter a candidate-driven market. Years ago, the company would have a hiring department and a human resources department. Now, many companies have a talent acquisition team or a talent sourcing team. Talent acquisition specialists take a proactive, strategic approach to finding talent, and talent sourcing specialists take a more reactive approach to sourcing candidates.
In the world of recruitment, those approaches take a toll on time, resources, and even profits.
5. The drawbacks to Open Talent
A recent study examined the time it took to fill a position and found that Open Talent took, on average, 24% longer to fill a position. The study also found that this was a first time issue. Ergo - the savings using 6prog are realised later once some small efforts have been made. The financial savings are significant and the time savings get created once a talent pool is established.
6. The future of Open Talent
Open Talent is an emerging trend in the recruitment process. Brands are considering the merits of opening up their hiring practices to include non-traditional methods. The working culture has evolved to better suit the needs of the individual, rather than the individual adapting to suit the needs of the organisation.
And with that, the world has become a little more open again.

Much of this blog was written using GPT-2. What do you think?
If you would like to contribute a human blog (as Lee Lam and Frank Ray has done above) please - email
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