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News of 6prog - Issue [mid April]



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News of 6prog
News of 6prog - Issue [mid April]
By AndyAt6prog • Issue #3 • View online
Hey - fine thanks! - you?
Now we have the formailites out of the way > to the content!
offers to join IPSE, team culture; team dynamics offer; and epic posts.
We were also reminded of a key benefit in our contracts this week. Sadly a client I know is ‘locked’ into a poorly performing agency contract. Checkout the image below and compare it to the clause with your agency - don’t get locked in!

Happy to discuss this important point in more detail.
I’ll add the meetings rooms password & my personal booking link at the end.
Onto more exciting news:
National Freelancers Day is coming up soon with IPSE.
If you are thinking of joining IPSE remember to use the code 6prog for a £67 discount.
NFD | National Freelancers Day
Interesting articles from the week
What are the four principles of change management? - Supply Management
Postmortem culture: how you can learn from failure
Creating A High-Trust, High-Performance Culture
10 Unique Marketing Strategies to Give Startups a Boost | Startups Magazine
3 keys to get out of feeling like there’s never enough time and get creative projects done
Designing Employee Experiences: How to Operationalize Your EX Strategy
Improving client offers
6prog - The fastest and most cost effective contract engagement process
6prog has a host of extra offers for suppliers listed here. We have, however, not got so many for clients so we have been working with some of our partners to offer something new.
I’m excited to announce Lee Lam adding her name to the list first.
Her Team Dynamics workshop is offered to 6prog clients at 25% off. Whether your team has been together for a while, or is newly formed, getting to know how to work effectively together can be a real game changer.
Too often, we have seen line managers set up to fail as organisations force high performing individuals into management positions, yet leave them ill-prepared, ill-equipped and ill-informed over how to succeed in that function. Left untrained and unsupported, many potentially great line managers are forced to develop their own managerial practices, which are usually based on the good and bad elements of their own line manager’s actions. The only real guidance given is from HR on what they can and cannot do – but all that tells them is how to not get involved in grievance procedures, not how to manage the performance and careers of those trusted to their leadership.
I have experience of managing teams of 2 to 25 employees, and know that it can be a struggle to find that balance between doing ‘your own work’ and helping those in your team do their best work. As a member of teams, I have experienced some great and some not so great managerial styles – I have been the one put on the pedestal, as well as the one intentionally ignored.
Spoiler alert [more offers to be announced soon]
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Enough already
Please help out by sharing this letter with anyone who is a supplier or client and want to save time and money when creating schedules of work.
I shall continue to look for propositions where we can bring our brand of ethical consultancy to more businesses.
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