News of 6prog

By AndyAt6prog

News of 6prog - It's all about efficiency - Issue #11



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News of 6prog
News of 6prog - It's all about efficiency - Issue #11
By AndyAt6prog • Issue #11 • View online
Good Morning.
I wonder sometimes about how different our lives would have been if we were born 100 years earlier. I’m sure you do too.
We benefit from earpods (sic) and hyperloops and space shuttles (invaders?) but we also now have the realisation of impending doom. I missed out on a contract to help at COP26 [and I’m gutted] hence kicking off this email about climate change.
6prog isn’t big enough to register on the Climate Pledge but I warrant many of the business we know are so please if you share nothing else from this newsletter please share this:
Here’s Issue 11 - chat soon!

The Climate Pledge
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Matt and Andy Discuss Contract Renewals
Matt and Andy Discuss Contract Renewals
Matt and Andy discuss Client Testimonials
Matt and Andy discuss Client Testimonials
The homepage and profiles have been the next part to get an update. The addition of tagging skills will be great for the next phase to be revealed asap.
We are listening and following in slack so please feel free to use the forum for feedback!
Pad is also getting some upgrades ‘under the hood’ feel free to add content using the green trees links on the top left!
Check out the savings
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